Albania experienced a severe earthquake on November 26, 2019, followed by over 1300 aftershocks and small earthquakes. The tremors continue.  The physical damage is great but also the psychological affect and the panic is widespread throughout Albania. The damages are catastrophic specifically in two areas (Durres and Thumane) and many people lost their lives, hundreds are injured.  


We at ALine Architecture, among many others in the USA, have joined the fundraising efforts through social media (ALine Architecture Facebook fundraiser) and this initiative to Rebuild Albania, and help families in need. We need your help, please consider donating to this humanitarian cause. Any size donation helps.

Please note,  we are not an NPO and your donation is not tax-deductible.  Thank you for your support!




We also are leading another community fundraiser Art project “Tectonic Plates of Albania”.  We are creating unique, colorful art plates, handmade, that stand for compassion, resilience, love, strength, equality and balance.  Each plate will be sold at promotinal price of $20 through the end of this year and all proceeds will go to the Albania's earthquake relief effort.

Consider purchasing a plate or plates ($20 each) as a symbol of solidarity.  This is a unique art and good gesture of your contribution to this humanitarian cause. It also makes a meaningful gift on this holiday season. By these small acts we hope to make a big impact.  We will restlessly spread our love and positive energy to the families affected by this earthquake, to let them know, remind and reinforce that people around the globe care, every day.  The rebuilding effort is going to take a long time and it has to be done right. Like a strong wall that is built brick by brick, we are committed to spreading the love and support "plate-by-plate" Email us at for more information or if you would like to purchase this art for a worthy cause.


Spread the word to promote our project, feel free to share our website or

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We are a dedicated group of friends and family lead by ALine Architecture of Alexandria, VA, who has initiated this program in the effort of providing earthquake relief support to the Albanian families affected by the earthquake of 11/26/ 2019


Contact us if you would like to purchase art plates in support of this effort.  Many Thanks!


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